EDIT:ML2 was published Dec 2018, open access in AMPPS. See also the commentaries from original authors. ORIGINAL: The Many Labs 2 project has been submitted and is under review at AMPPS. Overall, 28 psychology studies were replicated across >120 samples from 34 countries around the world, totalling >15,000 participants. Public release of the results/manuscript/data should occur shortly, pending final revisions and alongside commentaries from original authors.

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First Post

Trying out a new webpage design. This is built in the ‘blogdown’ R package, uploaded to a GitHub repo, then served to web with Netlify. Credit to the Hugo Tranquilpeak theme. One advantage is that we can write in simple R Markdown, and embed+run R code easily: mean(cars$speed) ## [1] 15.4 fit <- lm(dist ~ speed, data = cars) fit ## ## Call: ## lm(formula = dist ~ speed, data = cars) ## ## Coefficients: ## (Intercept) speed ## -17.

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Richard Klein

Post-doctoral researcher at the Université Grenoble Alpes. Interested in the reproducibility of psychological science across contexts.


Grenoble, France